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Photo by Olga Makina.


My name is Dagmar and I am a long term vegan (vegetarian since 1993, vegan since 2005). My journey as a vegetarian and vegan began with the animal rights, during the years deeper caring for the environment and my health followed. I strongly believe that a kinder world is possible and that every act of kindness matters. 

I am also a feminist who cares about human rights, women’s rights and minority rights; and who stands for nonviolence, diversity and freedom of speech.

As a little girl, I was raised, among others, with cats, dogs, cows, chickens, sheep, rabbits, spiders and jellyfish. I believed already then that they, and the nature they are a part of, are gifts to the world. This blog is reflecting my love for, among others, animals, birds and insects. The blog is reflecting also my gratitude for people who respect all species and our environment, and who help to make the world a better place. 

I was 10—11 y.o when I made a two-color sponge cake for my mother’s friend who was celebrating her birthday. A man at the party enjoyed my cake and wanted to say how fantastic he thought the cake was, but said, “you will become a good housewife for someone.” He didn’t mean any harm, but this sentence disturbed me a great deal. It was a very long time before I ever baked another sponge cake. 

This did not stop me from loving cookbooks and cooking! I love to experiment with recipes, ingredients, colors and textures, which usually means that I am not following a recipe but taking it as an inspiration. My common starting point is an ingredient and whether I want to make something savory or sweet, thicker or more liquid dish. This is also something that I invite you to do – do not hang on a recipe!

I have been implementing ayurvedic lifestyle since the beginning of 2017, this might show in the recipes.

I am following a gluten-, wheat-, soy-, yeast- and refined sugar-free diet. My “free-from” journey has not been daunting at all!

Let’s enjoy cooking!

If You want to collaborate, show Your brand or products, share Your experience or similar, please contact me at dtheveganfeminist@gmail.com.

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October 2018