I tested a shampoo bar Geranium & Bergamot by Signe Seebid (EE) — did I find a shampoo bar that actually works?! 

How do people choose the right shampoo for their scalp and hair?

With so many types of shampoo, choosing the right one for one’s hair can be tough. One can feel anxious, overwhelmed and/or confused. So, I asked several people how they would choose the best shampoo. Some mentioned that a fragrance matters. Some would choose a shampoo with a modest smell and some prefer an odorless shampoo (the latter is difficult to find). Also good foaming was mentioned (although one can find excellent shampoos that make very little or absolutely no foam, while still cleaning the hair) — when one sees foam, one believes that one’s hair is being cleaned —, and that the presence of bubbles is just nice. The importance of price and brand loyalty was also mentioned. Some said that it is important that a shampoo is vegan, cruelty free and free of parabens, silicone and sulphate, it is locally produced, and comes with either no or zero waste packaging. Some said that it is crucial hair not to look greasy (soon) after washing, and not to have static electricity in the hair. The importance of ingredients was also mentioned. 

Is a shampoo strictly a hair-cleansing agent? No. To have healthy and glowing hair one should have a happy scalp. So, from the Signe Seebid website I chose geranium and bergamot solid shampoo that was recommended for oily scalp. 

I’m generally happy with my hair, but it’s only because I am not into testings, and I have used hair care products that meet certain criteria for years (these products are usually not available in supermarkets, so I always have at least one (favourite) product in stock). My first criterion is “vegan”. There are other important criteria like a product must be cruelty free, preservative-free, paraben-free and must contain mild ingredients. It is also important that not all possible ingredients have been added to the product, the use of a product is comfortable (e.g. hair does not need to be rinsed and rinsed and rinsed…) and also the duration (e.g.  shampoo does not become a soft slime when exposed to water). Environmentally friendly packaging is also important — paper packaging or better, unpackaged. 

I am a brand advocate for many products and I know that the best suitable products can only be found by testing. I have tried various liquid and solid shampoos, shampoo powders (add water to the powder and wash your hair with the paste) and dry shampoos.

I agree with my hairdresser Cristy Aren (Salong Viis Tähte, Tallinn, Estonia) who thinks that my hair is naturally curly, the structure of the hair is thick, the scalp is very sensitive (if the product does not fit, there will be an immediate reaction of dandruff, rash, or similar) and prone to oiliness. 

Given my long history of shampoo testing, I was waiting with excitement to receive my solid geranium and bergamot shampoo, which Signe Seebid sent to me to try.

After washing my hair with the shampoo, my hair looked freshly washed and it best, and it felt like a Happy Hair Day! The foam was gentle and the fragnance was pleasant (not odorless, not too intrusive). And in the evening of the same day, I was surprised — my hair didn’t look greasy at all. This turned one experiment into another — I didn’t wash my hair two days in row — wow, this had seemed impossible for years! 

To conclude, the geranium and bergamot solid shampoo became one of my favorite products after a few washes, and I have been using the same shampoo bar for two months now — it has not become a soft slime! And I have two extra shampoos in my closet, just in case!

Many thanks, Signe Seebid, for bringing such a great and effective vegan product to the market!

PS. I would like to add that I like the design of the shampoo box. Although I do not choose the product based on a package, an attractive and aesthetically pleasing packaging catches my eye (already because it gives me important information about the brand). Lemongrass — Geranium & Bergamot — Lavender — For Gentlemen — For Kids. The only question I had when looking at these shampoos on the website was: what are the classification of the products? Isn’t it appropriate for a gentleman to buy a shampoo with a fresh citrus scent and with a cat image on the package [For Kids] or a geranium-scented shampoo with a flower image, but an image of a lemon is suitable? And if a lady wants a scalp stimulating shampoo, she has to secretly buy a shampoo for gentlemen?

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Website of Signe Seebid: https://signeseebid.ee/?lang=en