One doesn’t have to compromise one’s beliefs for one’s beauty: Eeva (Rabbit Glow; FI)

More and more people identify as vegan. More and more people try living on a plant-based diet, at least for a few weeks. 2019 was the Year of the Vegan, veganism was one of the hottest beauty trend and vegan products keep hitting the beauty shelves. 

Finnish Eeva runs a popular vegan cosmetics blog Rabbit Glow and shares vegan beauty tips with her readers. Here, Eeva reflects among other things, on why she started her blog, how she defines responsibility and what she thinks about a standpoint “For Vegans By Vegans”. 


Eeva, how do you define yourself?

Here I would define myself as a person who has been vegan 10+ years and that is the normal way of living for me. I was more active on animal rights non-profit movement a couple of year ago, today my activism appears more through daily life choices. 

What is veganism for you? 

Veganism is my way of life and a way to show compassion towards other beings in an concrete way. Veganism is also a way of doing something for the society that I would like to see come true.

The main reason I went vegan around 2009 was that I did not feel comfortable eating animal products. I was aware that animals suffered for meat, and I had been eating long time mostly vegetarian food before that. 

What were your reasons being establishing the blog Rabbit Glow? 

I set up my blog to get a place to share info about vegan beauty and to find more like-minded people. I had enough spare time to start blogging, and it became a habit soon. Before blogging I was reading many English blogs about vegan beauty, and as there was none in Finnish, I started a Finnish blog about vegan beauty, natural cosmetics and ethical fashion. Many vegan blogs are about food, but I have little knowledge of vegan recipes. 

What is the most difficult and most empowering thing for you while being a blogger?

The most difficult is to have enough time for everything, as I write blog after my nine to five workdays. Blogging needs time to plan, write, edit and take photos, and nowadays, also more posting to social media. 

The most empowering is to have feedback from people who have learned something new from my content, whether it was about vegan cometics or something else.  I really appreacite when someone thanks the job I have been doing. Also I have found many friends via blogging! The interest in veganism and sustainable lifestyle has grown steadily in the 2020s. 

What are you personal favourite brands in regards with vegan cosmetics, ecological lifestyle and ethical fashion?

Oh, there are many. For example I like Lily Lolo makeup (even though not fully a vegan brand), clothes by Pure Waste and Laponie of Scandinavia skincare. 

You say that veganism is an indelible part of responsibility. Could you elaborate on this, e.g. how do you define responsibility, what are the other parts of it, and what does responsibility mean to you as a blogger and in your daily life?

That is a big question and there are many ways to practice responsibility and sustainability in everyday life — everyone has their own ideas, taste and favorite picks. 

I would like to see more animal rights talk being part of general sustainability agenda. Usually when talking about sustainability, we remember to mention e.g. environment, CO2 reduction and working conditions (which are important), but the question about animal rights is too often absent. That’s why I talk about veganism being part of responsibility as animals. like people, are living and sentient beings. 

Many vegans prefer brands that have a standapoint “For Vegans By Vegans”, e.g. buying products from brands that sell only vegan goods. One can go much further with though like prefering brands whose products are vegan and as sustainable as possible, and made with zero waste and fair labor, and for all genders. How would you comment on this?

I support vegan brands and I collaborate with a lot of local, vegan and sustainable brands. If and when I can choose, I support a vegan brand. At the same time, the reality is often different: one can’t live one’s daily life by supporting vegan brands only.

What vegans, bloggers, creative activists, etc would you say have influenced you the most, and why?

There are many and it is really hard to name them. If you want inspiration in Finnish, you should follow Vegaanihaaste (Vegan Challenge — DtVF), at it has inspired so many to start eating vegan food. 

Get inspired!