Fundraising campaign: Let’s help Marcus, a member of Estonian transcommunity, to undergo a top surgery!


“I have helped to establish the Estonian LGBT Association in its early days, being primarily involved in volunteer work. My work and activities were activation of the LGBTQ+ community and strategic thinking, text writing and translating, conceptualising and providing feedback. I organised events for trans people at the association (OMA Center), counseled community members and supporters.”

“For more than 10 years I have been administering the Estonian Transgender Forum /…/ and for a few years also a Facebook transgroup. At the moment, I am more closely associated with the Estonian Youth Mental Health Association, aiming to connect the transcommunity with mental health care opportunities. I also contribute to other non-governmental organisations that have social nerves through various co-operation projects.”

The last time to prepay for the operation is January 4, 2021.