Drum beat: welcome to join the Tallinn Vegan Fair 2019 – come and say “Hello”!

The oldest and biggest vegan festival in the Baltic States will be taking place for the ninth time this year. The 2019 fair will be dedicated to world-shapers (NB! many talks also in English!). The event will take place at Tallinn Creative Hub (Tallinn, Estonia (EE)) over the weekend of 9 & 10 November.

The Estonian Vegan Society will have their table at the fair, and I will be there on Saturday from 16:00 to 18:00, come and say “Hello”! See you at the fair, right!?


Tallinn Vegan Fair: http://taimetoidumess.ee

Also, keep an eye on the fair’s social media channels on Facebook (Taimetoidumess), Twitter (https://twitter.com/taimetoidumess) and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/taimetoidumess/).

Estonian Vegan Society: http://vegan.ee