Today I am taking over the official Instagram account of Estonian Vegan Society.

First there was a DIY cookie “save the day” recipe (in Estonian and English).

Photo: Dagmar

Now something else: a short contemplation on an upcoming exhibition “The Weather Diaries” that focuses on contemporary fashion from Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. The contemplation is in Estonian, so shortly in English where I see a problem. 

Allegedly the exhibition is about sustainable fashion. Even though the exhibition presents fashion designers who focus on unisex products, conscious consumers, ethical fashion, innovation, etc, they lack of holistic approach, their activities do not reflect thinking about tomorrow. Until the aim is to have a non-human person’s skin as thin as textile or there is an argumentation “You can go on a shopping spree in Greenlandic designer clothes with a clear conscience. Greenlandic sealskin is exempt from the EU ban on sealskin. The animals live in freedom until the day they’re shot. They’re shot for their meat; the sealskin is always secondary. It’s therefore ethically correct to buy sealskin products from Greenland,” (Visit Greenland. Fashion. [13.09.2019]) we can’t talk about ‘sustainable fashion’. I was SO looking forward to the exhibiton, such a disappointment… 

The exhibition will take place at Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design (Tallinn, Estonia (EE)) from September 28, 2019 until January 5, 2020. More details can be found on the website.