Come to the Women’s March held in Tallinn on 19 January 2019!

The Women’s March is a one-time action which stands for the righs of women regardless of their background.


The organisers invite you to take part in the march if you want to live in a world

  • Where women are represented equally with men in politics, media, business, academia and elsewhere;
  • Where gender does not define one’s pay, quality of work life, or career opportunities and specialty options;
  • Which is free of violence against women, be it sexual, physical, emotional, or virtual;
  • Where the fight against climate change is taken seriously and where there is solidarity with the concerns of other people and nations.

Women’s March Tallinn stands not only for the rights of women, but of all marginalised groups. “We are against any prejudice and discrimination based on gender, sexual identity, nationality, skin colour, native language, age, special needs, or faith. We believe that everyone has the right to a good life, one that is free of violence, discrimination, and injustice. Women’s March Tallinn cares about what happens in Estonia as well the rest of the world. We believe that each person’s actions – and lack of actions – have great impact. We march for a better future and we invite everyone who shares our dreams to march with us.”

The march is organised by a group of women of different professions and life experiences.